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Distractions, Choices and Perfectionism

As is far too often the case, I’ve been a bit remiss in writing in my blog. This will be only my 8th post for the entire year. Despite all my best intentions, what can I say? It happens! Just know, like any good friend, I haven’t forgotten you.

There are always the, what in my life are, “normal” distractions. Here are just a few, listed in no particular order:


Just a thought, in a long list of them …

I’m reminded of an associate at work who regularly objects to what he perceives as abuses of the English language. Just the other day I was asking him about “digital multimeters.” He corrected me — as if I were a six-year old — and said, “you mean numerical multimeters,” “No Jack,” I replied a little annoyed, “I’m talking about ‘digital’ multimeters, just as it says on the package.”

Sometimes, no matter how intelligent we wish others around us were, we just have to go with the flow… accepted usage and all… avoiding being an annoyance and even worse… no matter the cause.

Maybe things aren’t as bad as we perceive… but then again …

Comments? Questions? Observations?

A Month of Blogging Dangerously


Welcome to September!  Danger lurks ahead!  Starting today for the entire month I will write and post something here every-single-day.  At least that’s my intention … so long as my laptop and Internet access cooperate.  I know you’ll be happy to know most of these entries won’t be the lengthy extravaganzas the earlier ones have been (averaging 1000 words each). Instead they’ll be shorter and more concise.  Just a few thoughts usually at most.

It’ll be interesting how you my loyal readers will judge these shorter posts vs. the longer ones I’ve been inclined to write.  What would you prefer?  Shorter and more frequent?  Or longer and less often?  Please leave your comments below.  (If you don’t see them below, depending on how you arrived here, just click on “Comments” above the calendar.)

Let this be my science experiment for the 30 days ahead.  I hope I and my laptop can meet the challenge.

30 days … 30 posts!

The first — for this the first day of September — is just one click away.  Click >>> here! <<<  and let the good times begin!