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My concern is not to make people read, but to make them think.
~~ Montesquieu ~~

Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting!

Expect to be told some kind of story here, the kind that will take a few minutes to read.  After all, as my title suggests, these are ‘stories I share with friends’.

This is a blog that for the time being is about nothing in particular, but about everything in general.  It will cover a varied assortment of whatever comes to my mind at any given time.  Whether it be personal, cultural, serious, humorous or factual, one thing is certain — it-will-be-random.   Just like the human mind as it moves among random thoughts throughout the day.  Politics and religion I will try to avoid.  Not that I wouldn’t have a lot to say, but those subjects are too divisive and there are plenty of places to go online if that is what you seek.  Thematically I don’t know where this is headed.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.  On all these points, things are liable to change.

What you can count on here are my honest and hopefully unpretentious thoughts, often the kind from deep within my heart.  Occasionally you might find some of those useless opinions I’m often happy to share with friends.  My life has been one of complications and implications and, as you might come to realize, a not so ordinary one at that.  With this in mind I should have plenty to share within these pages.

Look for improvements in the site’s design, function and direction as I learn my way around these new surroundings.  The writer however will remain the same.  It can take time to find one’s voice.  Be patient.

I’m reminded of one of my most memorable college professors, George W. Pace who, while indulging us in his wonderful thought-provoking classes would often pause and say, “Questions?  Comments?  Observations?”  I do the same.  Yours are always welcomed, in-fact encouraged!

Thank you, thank you so very much for stopping by.  I hope you’ll visit again!

June 2011

8 thoughts on “About this Blog

      1. Rick, can you give me the name of the Vietnam soldier with the helmet strap that says. “war is hell”. I’m doing a painting of him for a Fallen Heros Memorial and would like to include his name, birth date, date died, military branch, rate and rank.

        Sincerely, Joe Jenkins,
        US Navy veteran.

      2. Joe,

        Thanks so much for the visit and question.

        In regards to the photo found on my “War’s Death Watch Part 1” blog, per a quick Google search I found the photo was taken on June 18, 1965 of “an unidentified US Army soldier…” Another source indicates he was with the 173rd Airborne.


        War is hell

        On another note, this April 30th will mark the 37th anniversary of the ending of the Vietnam War.

        All the best and thanks again!

  1. Rick, I am looking forward to reading your thoughts, observations, and insight into life. From our meeting in Seattle, I saw that you had lots of information to share and was really sad that our time was so limited. You knew your subjects and I could learn from you – so I wouldn’t mind a professorial lecture once in awhile.

    Good Luck!

    Torrance, CA

  2. Curious. Are you still a truck driver? Working for Swift?

    I’ve really enjoyed your topics around your truck driving experiences. I begin training with Swift in Lewiston in a few weeks.



    1. Larry,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and following my story.

      No, I am no longer “long-hauling” it. My days as a trucker ended in January 2008 as explained in this entry. Those days are over for now, but it was fun in telling those stories, while they lasted.

      I wish you the best on this new adventure. Make it the best you can. Lewiston is a nice town and a decent terminal as they go.

      Should you have any questions regarding my experience at Swift… feel free to contact me via my email at rixxblog@gmail.com.

      All the best!

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