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The Power of Humor and Laughter

Humor does not diminish the pain – it makes the space around it get bigger.
Allen Klein

I’ve always been a jokester.  As I’ve written my boyhood best friend (bbf) and I were always cut ups and “the biggest fans of one another’s comedic skills.”  Comedy was our forte’!  (So we thought.)  I like to laugh.  I pity anyone who doesn’t.  Hard to believe there are people around who don’t much care for laughter… having a good time… a sense of humor. So it seems anyway.

There’s real power in humor and laughter.  They entertain us and make us feel good.  Laughter they say is the best medicine.  Laughter heals, alleviates pain, relieves stress and anxiety.  Researchers say humor is anti-aging and helps us live longer… and there’s more.

However, those powers of humor and laughter for many of us are slipping away.   Maybe it comes with age, we become way too serious.  Children tend to laugh a lot more than adults.  You’ve probably noticed.

The International Congress on Humor (who knew?) found that laughter is down as much as 82% from the 1950’s.  In those days people laughed on average 18 minutes a day.  Today, it’s between 4-6 minutes a day.  I guess laughter isn’t as much fun as it used to be. (more…)

Spreading the Wealth

Hello friends!  It’s been a long weekend.  My laptop AC adapter died early last week for a second time in just three months leaving it — temporarily anyway — a large paperweight.  Anyone who really knows me will tell you the sad reality of just how lost I am without my computer.  Every word and then some is true!  Happily relief is on the way but it might not be until next week when it’s up and running again.  Thanks to a local library I’m able to get online.

Without my not-so-trusty eight-year-old Mac laptop (whose battery no longer holds a charge) the last few days I’ve had to resort to old-fashioned paper and pen, as my overwhelming need to scratch the writer’s itch held me captive. (more…)