A Month of Blogging Dangerously


Welcome to September!  Danger lurks ahead!  Starting today for the entire month I will write and post something here every-single-day.  At least that’s my intention … so long as my laptop and Internet access cooperate.  I know you’ll be happy to know most of these entries won’t be the lengthy extravaganzas the earlier ones have been (averaging 1000 words each). Instead they’ll be shorter and more concise.  Just a few thoughts usually at most.

It’ll be interesting how you my loyal readers will judge these shorter posts vs. the longer ones I’ve been inclined to write.  What would you prefer?  Shorter and more frequent?  Or longer and less often?  Please leave your comments below.  (If you don’t see them below, depending on how you arrived here, just click on “Comments” above the calendar.)

Let this be my science experiment for the 30 days ahead.  I hope I and my laptop can meet the challenge.

30 days … 30 posts!

The first — for this the first day of September — is just one click away.  Click >>> here! <<<  and let the good times begin!

6 thoughts on “A Month of Blogging Dangerously

    1. Bianca, thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to stop by and comment, especially from beautiful San Diego, with all those distractions!

      Yes, posting everyday can be a challenge. I write daily, but having it ready to share is another thing altogether!

      I too probably like the shorter posts, from both a reader and a writer’s point of view. It’s all a learning process. As I wrote on my About the Blog page, It can take time to find one’s voice.

      Thanks again!

  1. I like long in-dept writing. My husband, who used to work for a newspaper, worries that the future will only be people who tweet or text messages with no deep thought about what one is writing. Much less they can’t write a complete sentence. I enjoy your writing style and would rather have a long, detailed, thought out blog than short blogs that interrupt me daily and clog my email. Thanks for asking.

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