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Say Hello to My Little Friend!

My iPhone is a constant companion that I use throughout all my waking hours. It’s literally the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I relinquish at night. Really, it is! When I dreamed of owning one I knew I would have many uses for it, but I never imagined how much it would become an integral part of my everyday life. How it would become… my best little friend.

I’ve often said that if I lost my laptop computer, it would be like cutting off my right arm. With my iPhone and its instant ease of use and portability it’s far worse! (The same said arm and a leg of your choice below the knee). And the funny thing is… I rarely use it to make phone calls! Maybe they should name it something else. iPhone no longer does it justice! (more…)

Smartphones Making Us Smarter?

Subtitled – Facing Off With Facebook or Tweeting My Life Away

Nowadays in this high-tech world of ours every Tom, Jane, Bob and Mary has a smartphone.  These handy little gadgets have effectively become the center of the technology industry.  The computer world as we once knew it is being reshaped and will affect how we use these various devices.  These handheld attachments to the wired world, and their built-in cameras, allow their owners to update their friends and family on every little facet of their existence.  Complete with illustrative photos it happens almost instantly through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

But alas, do we really need to know that Susie just checked in at Joe’s Pool Emporium with friend Margie, accompanied by a photo of the two sitting at one of Joe’s booths with smiling faces and beers in-hand?  Do we really need to know about the wonderful evening/weekend/afternoon/day Sally just had with her bff? Do we really need to see a photo of that yummy salad bar plate one is enjoying at this very minute at the local pizza joint?  Ding ding notifies my smartphone, this just in!  Please!  Is this what our society in this modern age has come to?  Do we really need to know this stuff and right-up-to-the-second? (more…)

High Tech Changes The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Now that the post three-day weekend doldrums have fallen upon us, it’s time to get serious again.  Afterall it’s back to reality and Fall is just 17-days away.  Here in Seattle with summer on the wane, that’s time for serious reflection!

I’m amazed at how high-tech has taken over my life.  If it were not for my current financial limitations it would be even more dominant.  I’m unemployed, too bad for Apple!  I can hardly get through a day without opening my laptop and in-fact rarely do. Even if I can’t get Internet access there’s still plenty I can find to wile away my time on my laptop.  It even became a marital issue and was the reason I had to give up my first blogging venture.  It’s a solitary endeavor, this thing called writing and it takes an understanding companion to put up with it.

The one thing, more than any other that has touched my life in a high-tech way, is how easy it has become to communicate with people in far-off places and at zero cost (once you have the high-tech in-hand).  Take this blog for example.  My reach is worldwide and so far [in September 2011] I’ve seen visitors from at least 33 states and 18 countries including recently the Russian Federation of Krasnaya Presnya and even Sri Lanka.  Then of course there’s email.  Is it any wonder the U.S. Postal Service is bleeding money to the tune of more than $3-billion in a single quarter?  I mean who sends letters these days? (more…)