Just a thought, in a long list of them …

I’m reminded of an associate at work who regularly objects to what he perceives as abuses of the English language. Just the other day I was asking him about “digital multimeters.” He corrected me — as if I were a six-year old — and said, “you mean numerical multimeters,” “No Jack,” I replied a little annoyed, “I’m talking about ‘digital’ multimeters, just as it says on the package.”

Sometimes, no matter how intelligent we wish others around us were, we just have to go with the flow… accepted usage and all… avoiding being an annoyance and even worse… no matter the cause.

Maybe things aren’t as bad as we perceive… but then again …

Comments? Questions? Observations?


3 thoughts on “Just a thought, in a long list of them …

    1. I’d come to your vigorous defense Ron. We all have our talents and interests. Somehow I think yours are much more attuned to the spiritual rather than worldly confines of tools for the handyman.

      A multimeter is an electronic device designed principally to measure electric current, voltage, and usually resistance. It’s a handy gadget for the around the house do it yourselfer.

  1. Rick, did you ask him just what does the term digital include that numerals does not? In case he gets difficult remind him there are also other “characters” displayed on the readout than “numerals”. 🙂

What do you think? Comments? Questions? Observations?

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