22,750 Miles Later and 10 Days to Go!

Kenworth T-2000

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted here, due mainly to our hectic schedule since I started training with my “mentor” trainer. As I wrote before, we’re constantly on the move. I seemed to have lost control of my life these last several weeks as my instructor decides where we go, when we go, when and where we sleep, eat and shower. While this isn’t entirely true, as he does often include me in the decision-making process, the bottom line is he doesn’t earn any money unless the truck is moving, and believe me this Kenworth has been on the move!

I’m reminded some of what it was like when I was in Air Force basic training, only this time it’s Swift Transportation’s version of “basic” and my Technical Instructor (or “T.I.”) is an old-school truck driver with 34-years experience. But now, with a little time off for my son’s wedding yesterday, I finally have an opportunity to rest, recharge my batteries and share some of my thoughts.

First, I’d like to thank all those family and friends that have written or told me personally how much they enjoy reading my posts and that they hope I will continue. There’s great satisfaction in knowing that there is an audience out there that takes an interest in reading of my experiences and thoughts. It’s greatly appreciated and thank you to each and all. Continue reading