End of the Road – But with the Future Straight Ahead!

NOTE:  With the exception of this one, the previous blog entries prior to June 28, 2011 were written in 2007.  They were hosted on my blog at Blogspot.com.  They were imported into this newer blog on WordPress.com in August of 2011.  

These older blog entries began on April 10, 2007 and were a chronicle from April to October of 2007 of my adventures traveling our nation’s highways and biways as a rookie long-haul trucker.  During the eight months I was on the road I traveled 73,000 miles of the “lower 48.”  Those days are over for now, but it was fun in telling those stories, while they lasted.

The adventure for now ends with this post but began with this first entry.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog. Unfortunately I was forced by circumstances to put my efforts aside here. My days as a bloggist came to an abrupt halt in October of 2007, with the story left unfinished, and my readers no doubt wondering, “what happened?” My attentions were needed elsewhere and no allowances were given for writing. For that abrupt end I apologize. I remained on the road for another three months when my days as a long-haul trucker also came to an end.

I loved much of what I did in those days that began a little more than four years ago and especially of what I saw along the way. To say the least it was an eye-opening experience and a blessing to be able to travel around the country and to see all there was to be seen. From my vantage point, as I crisscrossed the continent from Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida; from Dexter Maine to Otay Mesa, California, and all-points between — it is indeed America the Beautiful — from sea to shining sea!

I certainly gained a new-found respect for truckers too. They work hard and are highly skilled professionals. It’s a thankless job despite — that without them — our nation would grind to a halt in a matter of days. The unsung heroes that keep our economy in motion. Think about it. What do you own that somewhere along the line didn’t get to you by truck?

I hope to someday add a final entry about those last few months on the road to provide everyone an ending to this story that began in April of 2007. Certainly a fit conclusion that you my readers all deserve.

Meanwhile you can turn to my newly created blog In My Own Write.* At least that’s what it was called when I posted this entry. A blog about whatever it is that comes to my mind at any given time. Not as easy to write as it was when there were stories that could be told on nearly any given day as the people, places and circumstances changed just beyond my cab window. But I hope you might find this new blog of interest as well.  And I promise — no abrupt endings — not at least until my sojourn here on earth has come to the end of it’s road. Hopefully, that’ll be a while. 

Until then, as they say, “life goes on” and the future is straight ahead!

P.S. Thanks for being a part of all this.

*My blog as you can see eventually came to be titled Stories I Share With Friends.

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