The Life Line

I recently came across something on the Internet and thought it an interesting idea. It can be found in various forms, not many different from the others though. I’m sorry to say it comes with no mention of its original author. It is often seen without a title. I have given it one and have rewritten it.

I’ve changed the order of things. I’ve changed the wording, I’ve added a lot and taken away a little. It is my version and from what I’ve seen, I think it’s the best.

I share it here.

Every second someone leaves this world behind. They take nothing with them. They’ve arrived at the front of the line. An ending as well as a beginning.

Age, status, health, wealth or heritage has nothing to do with our place within it. Realize it or not, we are all standing in this line together.

We think little about it. We ignore the line’s existence. But here we are and here we stand, with no possessions, equal in every way.

We have no idea how many stand in front of us. It changes all the time. Its occupants are without number.

We have no need of walking to move forward. It’s the ultimate people mover! Its end comes to us. We may not like it. We may be surprised how quickly we find ourselves first in line or dismayed at how long it took to get there.

We have no appreciation for its length. It has no beginning or end. We cannot move to the back or step out of it. We cannot avoid it.

So while we wait in line, here are a few thoughts:

Make these moments count.

Make a difference.

Make priorities.

Make time.

Make that phone call.

Make your gifts and talents known.

Make a nobody feel like a somebody.

Make someone smile.

Make good memories.

Make the small, worthy things big.

Make the big, wasteful things small.

Make the change.

Make family and friends a priority.

Make sure to tell them they are loved.

Make up.

Make peace.

Make love.

Make the most of every day.

Make gratitude part of your being.

Make sure you have no regrets.

And finally, when you reach the front of the line, make sure you are ready.

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