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Favorite Quotes Friday – 2/28/2014

I don’t recall when I first discovered this quote, but boy is it a good one! It’s become one of the guiding principles of my life. I wish I could live its promise all the time, but it can be hard. Yep, I still worry, not as much as I used to. But I could have saved countless hours, days and even weeks had I found this gem earlier in my life. Oh well, not to worry!

In my life, I have found there are two things about which I should never worry. First, I shouldn’t worry about the things I can’t change. If I can’t change them, worry is certainly most foolish and useless. Second, I shouldn’t worry about the things I can change.  If I can change them, then taking action will accomplish far more than wasting my energies in worry. Besides, it is my belief that, 9 times out of 10, worrying about something does more danger than the thing itself. Give worry its rightful place – out of your life. ~~ Unknown

Favorite Quotes Friday – 1/17/2014

I often think of all the great works of the Smithsonian American Art Museum I had the opportunity on several occasions to explore as a young boy living just outside Washington, D.C. All-those-wasted-moments standing in front of some of our country’s greatest treasures, not really appreciating at the time what I was seeing. But to give me some credit, from those same times I was always fascinated with Rodin’s sculpture The Thinker. I’ll have to save that thought for yet another blog.

Then in college I took a Humanities class. That’s when I came to recognize things I never saw before, yet they were always there, always right in front of my eyes. Things like the abacus of a column, the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington on our dollar bill, the citys fascinating, historical Federal architecture and much more. How I appreciate that I took that class, often wondering how much poorer life would be without it.

Great art takes the attention of people. You’ve got to give it your attention. It’s not passive. If you don’t pay attention it passes you by. ~~ Alan Arkin, American Actor

It’s a Wonderful Life

IAWL 001

Although it’s a Christmas classic the movie It’s a Wonderful Life wasn’t actually released to theaters until after Christmas on January 7th, 1947, 67 years ago today.*

Since the time I was a young boy lying on the floor and watching the old movies of the 30’s and 40’s, on a black and white television, I’ve always loved actor Jimmy Stewart. It was my mother’s fondness for him that initially led me to this discovery. Having my own roots in a small western Pennsylvania community, only 60 miles from Jimmy’s hometown, also helped to cement my affection for him.

But somehow, inexplicably one of Stewart’s greatest movies — It’s a Wonderful Life — went unnoticed by me until sometime in the 1980’s.


Favorite Quotes Friday – 1/3/2014


With the coming of yet another new year here’s a new and regular biweekly feature you can count on. It’s the first installment of my Favorite Quotes Friday!

Over the years I’ve collected quotes as I’ve heard and seen them. I’ve used them frequently in many of the posts I’ve written here. My collection, like many things that have become lifetime habits/obsessions, first began as a college class assignment. I regret that I’ve lost a few along the way but today the quotes I’ve gathered and categorized number more than 100 pages.

Some are short… just a few words, while others are several lines, a few maybe a paragraph or more. On a variety of subjects they range from the writings and utterances of the greatest minds in history to things I’ve heard friends say, and even a few I’ve come up with myself. There are those I’ve read in books, newspapers and magazines. Some I’ve heard on radio and television, and some I’ve seen on signs, bumper stickers and the Internet. No matter the source, if I hear or see something worthy of remembering, I try to write it down.

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Why I Play Poker

What mighty contests arise from trivial things. ~~ Alexander Pope

Throughout the whirlwind of my life during the last several years has been one constant, the game of poker.  I admit it, I’ve become a poker player and in a big way.  Here’s a few of the reasons why.

I liked poker professional Annie Duke when I watched her second-place finish during season 2 of the TV reality show Celebrity Apprentice.  It was the spring of 2009 and a disappointing loss to the totally classless, foul-mouthed comedienne Joan Rivers.  I knew very little about poker, not even the difference between a full house and a flush. But it was Duke’s example and how she held up to the ridicule of her profession that would influence my decision to learn more about her game.  It would turn out to be a life-changing event.

I know what some of you are thinking.  Poker?  That disreputable game of degenerate, down on their luck, addicted gamblers?  Those sad souls hoping for that one big score, playing in smoke-filled backrooms full of dog kickers and child molesters?  You’re just another gambler wasting your life in a loser’s game!  How unfortunate it is that poker in the minds of some is so misunderstood and regarded as a socially unacceptable way to pursue competition.  A game likened to visions of zombie gamblers glued to slot machines.  It’s true people are mostly down on the things they’re least up on.

You’re a poker player?  A poker player?  That’s beyond white trash.  Poker players are trash darling, trash! ~~ Joan Rivers (more…)

Generation to Generation

Life is an everyday occurrence, until one day it’s not. ~~ Susanne Strempek Shea

A few weeks ago I was looking at hand tools, many of them with a lifetime replacement guarantee. As I read those words I was reminded there really are no guarantees, not with tools and not especially when it comes to lifetimes. Here today, gone tomorrow — no time outs, no second chances and few replacement parts.

Like most of us when young and stupid I thought myself invincible, that I would live forever. At least I envisioned the inevitable so far off that it seemed that way. Even when I experienced the death of What was I thinkingcontemporaries my attitude, my life style and the risks I often took spoke of an assumed immunity.  That only happens to the other guy, tomorrow never comes! But as one ages — receiving experiences and education that almost always come with the passage of time — we realize the years quickly pass us by. For me the inevitable is a lot closer than it was once perceived.  So, I’ve changed my mind, time to savor the moments. (more…)

Say Hello to My Little Friend!

My iPhone is a constant companion that I use throughout all my waking hours. It’s literally the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I relinquish at night. Really, it is! When I dreamed of owning one I knew I would have many uses for it, but I never imagined how much it would become an integral part of my everyday life. How it would become… my best little friend.

I’ve often said that if I lost my laptop computer, it would be like cutting off my right arm. With my iPhone and its instant ease of use and portability it’s far worse! (The same said arm and a leg of your choice below the knee). And the funny thing is… I rarely use it to make phone calls! Maybe they should name it something else. iPhone no longer does it justice! (more…)