Change is Inevitable

Change Just Ahead

It was 16-months ago we endured and survived yet another election cycle… out with the old, in with the new! We’re still told by some, it’s change we can believe in. While I’ll leave it to the pundits, some better qualified than I, and historians of the future to decide just how much positive change was realized, there is no question, in life — as in politics — change is inevitable.

Friends come and go. Old, once reliable relationships aren’t as they were. Sometimes those we thought the best among us fall so unexpectedly. Prices go up, discontent is on the rise, faith in humanity and approval ratings go down. The weather seems different. “Climate change” it’s called, the result of global warming, but what exactly causes it is still open to debate. It’s happened before they say and opinions change.

I’ve noted earlier within these pages the amazing changes we’ve witnessed during our lives. To say the least things haven’t gone quite according to my personal plan. The stuff that cause us the most stress and frustration, worry, irritation, anger and disappointment, remain in a constant flux. Things like money and paying bills, politics and politicians, the system, our health, the future, our jobs and co-workers, parents, kids, all those authority figures and of course those “significant others.” Just maintaining our sanity and the status quo is a struggle… but still we carry on.

Looking beyond ourselves, the world is a stage of constant change, and just like life, a crazy mixed up world it is. Evil rules much of the the planet. The globe is ablaze with unrest, war and rumors of war. Peace is constantly under assault. From Ukraine to Afghanistan, from the Middle East, to Central Africa, Mexico, Venezuela and beyond people are fighting and dying for social equality and basic freedoms many take for granted. We’d all love to change the world.

It’s my belief that God’s plan. like our very existence is eternal in nature. Change, and how we endure it is a big part of why we’re here. It’s hard, even with maturity, to understand the reasons for the world’s inequalities, and the ups and downs of our lives, without the benefit of an eternal perspective. But believe me it will come — as with all things — in time.

So yes, change is inevitable, except from a vending machine, and I guess you and I should just get used to it.

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