Favorite Quotes Friday – 2/28/2014

I don’t recall when I first discovered this quote, but boy is it a good one! It’s become one of the guiding principles of my life. I wish I could live its promise all the time, but it can be hard. Yep, I still worry, not as much as I used to. But I could have saved countless hours, days and even weeks had I found this gem earlier in my life. Oh well, not to worry!

In my life, I have found there are two things about which I should never worry. First, I shouldn’t worry about the things I can’t change. If I can’t change them, worry is certainly most foolish and useless. Second, I shouldn’t worry about the things I can change.  If I can change them, then taking action will accomplish far more than wasting my energies in worry. Besides, it is my belief that, 9 times out of 10, worrying about something does more danger than the thing itself. Give worry its rightful place – out of your life. ~~ Unknown


One comment on “Favorite Quotes Friday – 2/28/2014

  1. Ron Susek says:

    Good work, Rick. Always proud of you. RRS

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