Favorite Quotes Friday – 1/31/2014

I don’t know exactly why, but I’ve always been a reader, way back to my days in elementary school and The Weekly Reader. Do they even have those anymore? In those days my mother bought me one of those huge 1000-plus page unabridged dictionaries. You know the kind you see in libraries on their own stand? Weighed ten pounds probably but I would page through it regularly looking at all the black and white pictures accompanying the definitions and reading what I found interesting. These days I’m happy with the smaller Webster’s Collegiate.

Then it was on to The National Geographic Magazine. Back then you had to be nominated by another member (my best friend Eddie) which included a very official looking Certificate of Nomination, gold seal and all and signed by the Chairman. I’d look forward to those glossy monthly issues and all those beautiful photos and would read each of them cover-to-cover. They even smelled good! Those were heady days for me as a card-carrying member of such a pretigious organization (just the same as it was for the young George Bailey from my favorite movie, It’s a Wonderful Life).

Later when I was a young teen my mother went to the great expense of purchasing a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. 24 volumes as I recall with annual yearbooks that stretched ahead for at least the next 8-10 years, possibly more. Those too, especially the yearbooks, I would constantly read and refer to.

There’s more I could write about my voracious appetite for books and magazines, but I’ll save that for another day. Suffice to say:

A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read. ~~ Mark Twain, American Author

2 thoughts on “Favorite Quotes Friday – 1/31/2014

  1. Boy, we grew up a lot alike! I learned to read when I was around four years old and read my way through elementary and high school with a book constantly by my side. I remember too that Weekly Reader and devoured it along with a subscription I had to a Children’s magazine and now, I can’t recall the title of that. My Grandfather -who was my idol -had a subscription to the Reader’s Digest along with the National Geographic so I combed through those regularly. My 2nd Grade Teacher told me later in life that I was the only 2nd grade student she ever had (in over 35-40 years of teaching) who brought a copy of the Reader’s Digest to school and could and did read it -to the class! My Mom struggled to purchase a set of encyclopedias -World Book, also got the yearbooks too -so I know what your talking about there. When my kids came along, I tried to influence them with a love for reading telling them if you learn to read and love books, you can take a trip (several, actually) around the world and never leave the warmth and comfort of your favorite chair. Teaching them that turned out to be a hard, long haul as my oldest had difficulties reading for a while and I had to get a tutor -my aunt, who had taught for many years -to help her. Today, she still isn’t a really good reader but she works on it constantly and loves books now. My younger daughter is more like me and generally always has a book by her side. My son -a trucker -rarely has much time available to read but he does when he can and me, I still love to read but lately had begun to have problems with my vision, difficulty being able to concentrate and focus on the words but am now on a different medication which is helping a good bit. Learning to read is the number one best skill I ever acquired, for sure!

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