Favorite Quotes Friday – 1/17/2014

I often think of all the great works of the Smithsonian American Art Museum I had the opportunity on several occasions to explore as a young boy living just outside Washington, D.C. All-those-wasted-moments standing in front of some of our country’s greatest treasures, not really appreciating at the time what I was seeing. But to give me some credit, from those same times I was always fascinated with Rodin’s sculpture The Thinker. I’ll have to save that thought for yet another blog.

Then in college I took a Humanities class. That’s when I came to recognize things I never saw before, yet they were always there, always right in front of my eyes. Things like the abacus of a column, the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington on our dollar bill, the citys fascinating, historical Federal architecture and much more. How I appreciate that I took that class, often wondering how much poorer life would be without it.

Great art takes the attention of people. You’ve got to give it your attention. It’s not passive. If you don’t pay attention it passes you by. ~~ Alan Arkin, American Actor


What do you think? Comments? Questions? Observations?

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