It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Me

My apologies to my loyal followers.  For the last month my life has been in disarray with a few major changes.  A new, but temporary job… a new residence in a new neighborhood… medical issues… little to no Internet access and car problems have stymied my writing efforts of late.  To say the least my posts have not been as frequent as I had hoped.  But, with money coming in and Internet at home expected this week, things are finally looking up.  My sincere thanks to all of you that visit here often and especially for your welcomed comments and support.  Now on with the blog!

When in my thirties I was watching a television show one night about depression.  When it was over I realized that the way I was feeling wasn’t “normal” and that I was in fact suffering from depression.  It was an eye-opening experience to say the least.  The word epiphany definitely applies.

Many of my family have suffered the same, some of them worse than others.  I recall my mother — especially during the holidays — often speaking about having “the blues.”  I wish I had understood then what my mother was going through but I was young and unable to relate.  Little did I know that I too would someday suffer the same malaise.  Like a lot of things I thought… that only happens to other people.

Depression is no fun and I thank my lucky stars that mine is comparatively mild… at least I think it is.  And I have a handful of good friends that help in ways that can’t be measured.  But still… it ain’t easy bein’ me.

The holiday season is the worse!  And quite frankly I’m glad it’s now behind us.  Especially with family distant… not so much in proximity… but distant nevertheless.  The rainy Seattle winters don’t make it any easier.  I can’t wait ’til springtime!  Always for me my favorite time of the year Spring embodies thoughts of renewal and bright sunshiny days ahead (even here on occasion in Seattle).  I’m grateful I have a few friends to share and enjoy those days of renewal with.

Happy New Year!  Congratulate yourself, we’ve made it to see yet another year.  That’s the way I look at things.  I do hope yours, as well as mine, is an especially good one.  I’m thinkin’ it will be.  And it’s good to know that truly… the best things in life are free.


12 comments on “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Me

  1. marjulo says:

    I suffer from depression too, so I understand how it feels to always operate slightly below happy, if happy is the median line. I’m always suspicious when I’m feeling happy. Like, “what’s wrong with this picture?”

    Having lived in a foggy, rainy part of Germany in my early twenties, I know I would struggle in Seattle or Portland, OR where my younger daughter lived for five years. I’m from sunny Denver, which helps the moods most of the time.

    I’m interested in the fact you do family history. I’m working on that as well. When I have a moment, I’ll peruse how you share that information on your blog. I’m glad I found you on Writing on the Edge!

  2. Ron Susek says:

    Hey, when are you coming out east to meet your long, lost relatives? Dont come now . . . snows coming tomorrow, ro so they say. Tell ya what, jsut for the fun of it, I’m going to send you something I wrote two days ago. Hope it lifts the Seattle overcast a little. Ron

  3. LeRoy William Bloom says:

    I hate to just respond by asking a question.

    Is ever easy being anybody?

  4. I actually have fantasized about living in Seattle. I know the weather can be a downer but just about every part of the country has something going on weather-wise at some point each year, agreed? Started the writing/documentation business (as you know since you were featured on it) awhile ago but currently looking for a full-time employee opportunity myself. Who knows? Maybe the wife and I will pick up and leave Philadelphia (it is NOT “Always Sunny In Philadelphia” by the way) and head West. We’ll see what transpires in my hunt. Maybe we’ll cross paths while you’re coming to PA?!

    • Rick Gleason says:

      It would be a privilege to help acclimate you to Seattle sportsattitudes. Despite the frequent dreary/rainy weather it’s a beautiful place to live with a moderate climate.

      I grew up back east in Maryland, and was born in Pennsylvania. While the east does have it’s many advantages, rich in it’s history and uniqueness I do love the west… the best. But with family and many friends on the right coast, there’s a regular urge to get back to those roots… if only for a little while.

      As always, thank you so much for visiting and your comments.

  5. Good to see you back posting and know that you survived the holidays too! Like you, I’ve dealt with depression issues for many years now and no, it certainly isn’t any fun to deal with…. Glad to hear too you are working. Here’s wishing for you that permanent employment will be part of 2012 in your life! Peace.

  6. oldereyes says:

    Well, Rick, it must be that time of year. if you read my post, Don’t Care Days, I’ve been dealing with depression, too, and decided to take something for it. After about three weeks, I’m still dealing with some side effects like drowsiness and jitters but over all, I’m feeling better. Hope you fell better as the year goes on.

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