30 Ways in 30 Days

Well here it is Friday!  Not only that it’s the last day of the month and this is my final post that completes my self-imposed 30-Day Challenge or my Month of Blogging Dangerously.  My task was to post something every day during the month of September.  So, time for some review, a reality check of sorts.

Truimphant ManI’ve tried to post on a variety of subjects (30 Ways) running the course from updating my man card to stinkin’ thinkin’, capital punishment and true confessions, all no doubt Evidences of a Troubled Past.  I made it through!  It’s been a challenging but interesting thirty days and has certainly given me an appreciation for those who post every day.

So, how’d you do?  If you managed to follow along through most of these posts during the month congratulate yourself, give yourself a pat on the back.  You deserve it.  Thank you!

Posting daily does have it’s advantages.  My average daily readers for the month more than doubled to 75 and pushed my total visitors from more than 1600 for both July and August to more than 2200 in September alone.*  Readers from 43 states and 38 countries have stopped in since this blog began on June 29th.

The one post that got the most attention this month was Confessions.  I guess people love reading about the bad and the ugly.  Someone once said taking a risk is the only way to write deadly honest prose Well I certainly took a risk and it was “deadly honest.”  That post brought the most readers to visit this blog in a single day.  Previously the most one-day visits was 112 for my September 2nd post Warm Subjects – Filling the Chairs.  Confessions brought a nearly two-fold increase with 216 readers its first day and 106 the next.  By sometime today more than 4,000 visits will have been made to this — my little corner of the blogosphere — since the end of June.

Now I understand that in the blogger’s world those numbers are miniscule, laughable at best when compared to the big guns.  But it’s really not about the numbers (although the bigger the better), but in the words of the French philosopher Baron de Montesquieu my concern is not to make people read, but to make them think.

One reader wrote me in an email about my post Confessions: There are a lot of people in our generation going through unemployment, divorce, familial estrangement, et. al.  You have a way of being ‘above the fray’ in the way you carry yourself and write about interpersonal clashes.  By keeping it so deeply personal, you draw in people who can only imagine ‘what it must be like’.

Well my thanks to that reader and I’m happy to have drawn others in, if only for them to imagine what it must be like.  To witness something vicariously can be a good thing, because it ain’t easy being me.  And for now that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

So I’m taking a breather.  At least for a few days.  Thanks again for following along, if only vicariously, I hope you’ll visit again.  Thanks too to those who wrote comments.  I’ll be back with a new post and renewed vigor sometime next week.

What do all these posts from the last 30 days mean in the bigger, wider scheme of things?  Not much… and life goes on.

*Through September 29th.

12 thoughts on “30 Ways in 30 Days

  1. You have a well developed writing style, Rick. Nice work. I’m sitting with my wife Diane at a beautiful spot in Maine–here for a wedding–and read your wrap-up blog. Hope you go to a nice restaurant, have a long nostelgic cup of coffee and awaken some new concepts for print.

    1. Ron, thank you so much for your kind words. They’re especially meaningful for several reasons:

      First, because you’re a writer yourself, and one who has enjoyed great success at it.

      Second, for who you are and the ideals and convictions you represent in your life and work.

      Thirdly, because you are family.

      Please say hello to all the others for me, especially Diane. Wish I could be there.

  2. Dear Rick,

    So why do I feel nostalgic about your silence to come? Have I come to depend on you? Yes, your blogs are valuable in that they teach, inform, and take one out of one’s self to put the mind on something of value.

    I will look forward to whenever you write.


  3. I’m really proud of you for having the fortitude to follow through and do the 30 days, 30 posts and still have your thought processes relatively intact! (I think you do, anyway.) And I agree with the others -take a break, rest up, and then come back and show us more of your stuff!

    I will miss the posts on a daily basis -not because I read them daily as I get into a sort of forced exile from reading posts when I run out of time -but because I do enjoy your words very much! Between you and Bud, at Older Eyes, you both tend to really write thought-provoking posts. Some could say it maybe brings out the worst in me, a few might actually say those posts are good at making the best in me try to come through.

    Whatever, get the break in and done and come back soon!

  4. Congrats, Rick, you made it!

    You really have a great talent. Many people including myself like your blog a lot, I certainly will miss your posts…. “Hasta la vista”


  5. Congrats on making your 30 days. I certainly didn’t keep up with reading all your posts (I’d guess your blog reading took a hit with your daily writing, too). I appreciate you stopping by Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog in spite of your writing commitment.

    As I said in my post today, the thing I enjoy about the blogging experience is the way consistent writing connects us to the heart … our and others. That’s why Confessions was such a “big seller,” it showed your heart.

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