Half-Way to Thirty

Well to say the least it’s been an eventful month for me.  Here we are, the 15th day of September — which brings us half-way to thirty.  This post marks the mid-point along my self-imposed month of blogging dangerously.  Don’t think I’ll be doing this any time soon again though.  It’s tough writing every day.  Not so much the writing part, but the part where I’m ready for others to see what I’ve created.  I’m sure it’s not easy on you the reader either, those anyway who strive to keep up.  I see myself as more a weekly “columnist” like Dave Barry or George Will.  I don’t get paid nearly as much, but there’s lot’s more time to edit and refine.  Not under the gun as often to make the deadline.

Among the things this ninth month of the year has brought are milestone birthdays and a new resolve to maintain what was once my status quo.    We’ve honored our labor force (or so it is said) with a three-day weekend and marked the end of summer.  We’ve remembered the 10th anniversary of our worse day in modern American history.  I’ve revealed far-too-much about me, released myself from the surly bonds of control and domination, and have even talked religion, which is something I had hoped to avoid.  Hard for me to do though.  Politics… harder still!  I’ve heard from distant relatives, added a few new subscribers and even changed the look of this blog.

Without fanfare a new theme was introduced on Monday with a slight change in title.  I liked the earlier design but I was always bothered by the small font.  I needed bigger… bolder… if for no other reason but my weary, old eyes.  Not to mention… bigger and bolder is more “me.”  I’m not sure I absolutely love what I’ve found, but it’ll have to do, ‘least for a while.

So here we are half-way through the month.  The 258th day of the year with 107 remaining.  The 30-day challenge continues with subjects like Texas, chopping wood, stinkin’ thinkin’ and choices all ahead.  Got to keep it compelling as a friend would say.

Finally, I leave you this thought:

Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.

You know who said that?  No cheating!!  I’ll tell you in my next post tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Half-Way to Thirty

  1. I recently changed the theme on my two blogs and went to a stark, minimalist-style. Unannounced to the handful of loyal readers…just put it out there. So far, I like what I did. I enjoy writing and am all about the words. Sometimes I would spend twice as much time trying to find the right picture or video than writing the post, thinking each post HAD to have some kind of image with it. The time I spend on my blogs I want to devote to the writing. I may throw in a picture or video here or there, but I have abandoned the concept someone has to have something to look at each and every time. Ironically, when I do add an image now the theme I chose will actually highlight it better than what I had before.

    1. Thanks again “sports” for coming by and for your comments.

      I certainly agree that time given to adding pictures and videos can diminish the time left for writing. Unquestionably content is the most important element and if we’re distracted by illustrating that content, then it can suffer. I have actually found that my search for appropriate graphics has given me additional things to write about. Amazingly, if they haven’t inspired me to write another line or two to the particular blog I’m writing at the time, they have given me ideas for future blogs. I’ve lost count, the number of times that’s happened. But I guess that’s just the way my mind works and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

      Minimalistic or not, illustrations or none, I do enjoy reading your lifeattitudes blog and see that I’m four posts behind. Got some catching up to do!

      Thanks again!

  2. I have no idea who said that about tomorrow but it sure does sound good, doesn’t it?

    We have a tendency here to tell Kurtis -as he’s getting ready to go to bed -to remember that “Tomorrow will be a better day.” Especially tell him that when the day ending for him wasn’t exactly the best it could or should have been. At least he goes to bed then with a positive thought in his mind -hopefully.

    And as to the post a day, I think you’ve been doing a great job with that. Gotta admire you for taking on the challenge and doing so well with it.

    1. As always Jeni thanks for your kind words.

      Our best to Kurtis — and to you and his mother — that all of you enjoy far more better days than the other.

      (Gee that rhymed. I gave some thought to changing it, but think I’ll leave it as it came out.) 🙂

  3. Definitely easier on the eyes is always a good thing. No need for added fluff… after all, it’s about content, not the packaging.

    Not sure on who said that last thought… taking a guess, maybe someone that had/has something to do with the WSJ or the NYT!

    If I only had a name… will wait for the answer and not cheat! Maybe. haha!

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