12 Ways to Happy – Part 1

There’s a lot of unhappiness around the world.  Have you noticed?  We see it most anywhere we go.  Just last Saturday I saw it on the face of an older woman at a restaurant.  It was heart-wrenching.  Of course I don’t know what brought her such displeasure but as she spoke to the two men sitting with her she wept and hung her head low with her gaze down, hardly able to look up.  It went on for quite a while.  One of her companions made efforts to reassure her, gently reaching out, patting her on the hand and arm, speaking to her in whispered tones.  The other just sat and listened.  When she would look up I could see the pain etched in her face and in some bizaar way I felt her pain as well (Bill Clinton jokes aside).  I felt pity for this woman, I almost want to cry as I write about itI can relate to that kind of pain and while I sat across the room and watched I wanted to go to her aid.  I wanted to tell her everything will be okay.  Of course I don’t know that, but words of support and encouragement can go a long ways, even sometimes from a stranger.

Hopefully we don’t have a lot of unhappiness in our own lives or in our homes among our immediate family.  You’re lucky if you don’t sense it in the lives of your extended family or your friends.  Can everyone be happy?  I may come across in this blog as having it all-together —  a happy fellow — but those who really know me know otherwise.  True, I’m not a completely happy person.  I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been.  I have regrets and things trouble me that I wish I had done better.  There are the sins of commission as well as omission.  I’ve certainly had many happy moments but a life of happiness has escaped me.  Not much one can do about the past, only look to the future.  Make things better, the best we can.

I came across an interesting blog last week entitled 12 Things Happy People Do Differently.  It’s from the web site Marc and Angel Hack Life, Practical tips for Productive Living.  After reading it I thought to myself:  Self, there’s a LOT of truth here!  I decided I would read again each of the twelve habits mentioned and then write a blog about how I’m doing.  Afterall I thought, just 12 habits I could adopt to set me apart on the road to happy?  How hard could that be?  My decision to do this publicly (warm subject) is an exercise in self-awareness.  Maybe too it’ll find a receptive place in the hearts of my friends.  Maybe three you’ll be able to use it to your own and your loved-one’s advantage.  A check-list of sorts.  Spread the word!

The 12 Things Happy People Do Differently came from the words of Jacob Sokol who we are told is committed to living an extraordinary life.  Here’s the link.  Check out the 12 habits and read the brief meanings behind each.  It’ll help clarify their importance and in some cases help bring sense to my assessment of how I’m doin’ that will follow in my next postRead 12 Things first, then come back to me.  Clear as mud?  K e w l !

Thanks for stopping in.  See you in Part 2 … on the road to Happy!


8 comments on “12 Ways to Happy – Part 1

  1. Rai says:

    I thought being happy, or trying to be, was a brief fad that had passed.

  2. Happiness has always been tough for me to define, but I do know as I have gotten older I have been more concerned with being comfortable than happy. One of the things I strive for is the “not too high, not too low” principle where good stuff in my life is appreciated and treasured, but not overwhelmingly adored. On the other side, bad stuff is acknowledged as troublesome and unwelcome, but not devestating. Perhaps this comes with age, perhaps not. In any event, Jacob’s “steps” have wisdom within.

  3. Terri A. in Redding says:

    Very interesting sites you link Rick! Definitely bookmarked for later as I’ve already spent 20 min in there and seriously need to get cookin here on some work for the shop!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a HAPPY day!

    Terri in CA

  4. Judy says:

    I had the good fortune to be “happy” all of my childhood years, thanks to the love and devotion my parents gave me. I didn’t have to work at it, like I do now.

    The “12 things people do differently” was most rewarding. We should all try to adhere to them in our daily lives.

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